The Edgbaston ‘To Dance? To Live!’

The Edgbaston Boutique Hotel and Cocktail Lounge, at 18 Highfield Road in the heart of Edgbaston Village on the Calthorpe Estate, has developed a special cocktail to celebrate Sir Matthew Bournes ‘The Red Shoes’ production. During the entire performance, which runs until 11th February, The Hippodrome will be serving The Edgbaston’s signature and especially created cocktail called To Dance? To Live!’

The cocktail has been designed by Luke Pearson, Bar Manager of The Edgbaston, it is inspired by the productions glamorous vintage feel and consists Laurent Perrier Champagne, French grape spirit infused with Golden Plum, Grape seed tincture and Red Poppy Paint.

Luke commented this is a cocktail that truly reflects the passion for dance humming through the dancers veins. Why do you want to dance? Why do you want to live? The cocktail has been designed around the unique performance of The Red Shoes which is a ballet within a ballet, and on that basis The Edgbaston have created a grape within a grape cocktail. The glamorous setting of Paris and Monte Carlo meant The Edgbaston have chosen a plethora of exotic ingredients that would also not be out of place in the period the production relates to.

To celebrate the grape it of course all starts with Champagne, it’s delicious buttery Chardonnay notes are complimented by a distilled grape juice infused with French golden plum’s. At the heart of every grape is a drying grape seed tincture to prevent the drink from being overly sweet. Capturing the texture and intense colour of the red shoes, there is an edible red paint along the inside of the flute which is flavoured with Red Poppy.

The Red Shoes, an intoxicating drama where life imitates art with fateful consequences, will dazzle your senses and break your heart and is reported to be Matthew Bournes finest achievement to date. Such is its success the performance will be returning to The Birmingham Hippodrome in July.

If you cannot get down to the Hippodrome to enjoy the cocktail, The Edgbaston has a wide range of tempting and seasonal cocktails to choose from. To find out more visit

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