The Edgbaston launches new menu

The Edgbaston boutique and cocktail lounge have just launched a New Menu for 2018.

Each year they have a theme and this year is no different, the much anticipated menu is called “A Bartenders Guide To Drinking For The Fun Of It.” Each page relates to a “stage” during a night out. The menu has been designed with absolute quality mixed drinks and fun in mind, it is easily ‘digestable’ and the sections are user friendly too.

Each drink tells it’s own story in a unique and delicious way (in true Edgbaston style) and isn’t held to the confines of an overall concept. The menu has been designed to create talking points between the guests and the bartender serving, in some instances the actual process to get a cocktail’s flavour may have taken The Edgbaston 2 days to obtain. For example, with the “Rye-Anna”, the banana flavour doesn’t come from a liqueur, it comes from actual banana being adjusted in a Sous Vide with Amylase and PectinX organic enzymes, then infused into the whisky and clarified with various techniques and processes.

As if you needed an excuse, there has never been a better time to pop down to The Edgbaston to enjoy one of their amazing cocktails – for those brave enough, you could move from chapter to chapter through the menu! And with the recently acquired drinks trolley, meaning the bar tenders now have the ability to make most of the menu table side, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the bar coming to you!

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